Become our new Chair

The role of the Chair is to set and maintain focus on the strategic issues bearing on the College Group, keeping at the heart of its decision making our responsiveness to the students, employers and communities we serve.

Introduction from the Chair

The opportunity to lead the Board of a new college group is exciting and offers the potential to be part of a regionally significant FE merger from its infancy.

Having led the merger via a Joint Steering Group, I’ve established the foundations for a top-performing board and I’m keen to work closely in supporting a transition to a new Chair.

There is no doubt about the challenges and opportunities ahead – the new board has, and will continue to need to develop at pace.  Being part of that is a fantastic opportunity for someone wanting to make a difference in the area and be part of something new and impactful.

I look forward to welcoming anyone with the passion and commitment to play a key role in the success of the South Hampshire College Group.

Sandra Prail MBE