Our Strategy

With merger under our belt, you will help us deliver our ambitious vision of ‘creating better futures’.

You will have the opportunity to apply your skills and experience to help shape the future of the College group.

Our governing board and its members are critical to our continuous development and future success. We appreciate the time they give, the expertise they share, and both the professional support and challenge they offer to our CEO and executive team.


Creating better futures.


To enable all our students and apprentices, and our region’s businesses to be successful in their future, whatever that may hold for them, through high-quality technical and professional education and training.


  • We will lead a better-distributed, accessible, and collaborative group of South Hampshire.
  • Through this, we will provide outstanding education and training across a wide community of students and employers in the Solent region.
  • Our work will support the skills needs of employers and improve regional productivity, economic development and social mobility.
  • We will be an agile organisation, constantly developing and improving.
  • We will be responsive to policy and reforms in further education, and be adaptive to the changing needs of the region’s employers.